Apr 272007

I’m pleased to announce that Jack Krebs, President of KCFS (Kansas Center For Sewage, a Darwinist organization for indoctrinating public school children into Darwinism) and author at PandasThumb is the recipient of the 2007 Darwin Awards conferred by the NCSE.

Krebs with Darwin Chic Liz Craig
Featured above is Krebs with Darwin Chic Liz Craig.

I’d like to congratulate Jack on this honor.

Noticed the award has a picture of Charles “Gas” Darwin at the top. It looks really splendid.

Congratulations, Jack!

I was nicknamed “Gas.”

Charles Darwin

Apr 272007

Since Atom at Uncommon Descent was so interested in Spetner’s work, I open this thread to discuss Lee Spetner’s book, Not by Chance. Spetner is Johns Hopkins biophysicist. He received an endorsement from Nobel Laureate Christian Anfinsen for his book.


Apr 132007

Dear Teleological Folks,

I posted the following over at UncommonDescent.com but it is undoubtedly long lost in the comments. I thought it might be of interest here. As some of you may know, I used to be a militant, Dawkins-style atheist. All that changed in 1994 after I bought my five-year-old daughter a cartoon video entitled The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Everything went downhill from there as I apostatized from my former religion of atheism. 🙂 (Yes, it is a religion!)


The gap between humans and all other forms of life on the planet — in so many categories that one would have to write many books on the subject — is so profound that it represents the ultimate discontinuity in nature, which is characterized not by seamlessness, but by discontinuities. This is the antithesis of Darwinian philosophy.

As a former atheist, I would suggest that the great divide is not between Catholics and Protestants, but between materialists and those who recognize the uniqueness of humankind (this includes our great capacity for good, and our great capacity for evil). It is only by recognizing our divine origin — which seems increasingly difficult to deny, in my view — that we have any hope of cultivating the good and suppressing the evil. But this requires brutal self-honesty, which is antithetical to the fallen part of our nature referenced above.

These are ultimate issues, and are ultimately the only ones that really matter, because they affect and reflect upon all areas of our lives, which is why the (ID/Darwinism) debate is so heated.

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Apr 042007

Stephen Jones has a very interesting post here. 

Just one snippet that I found quite interesting:

“Let us begin with a crucial point. The laws of science are not inviolable. They represent a constantly changing logical complex, changing from decade to decade, and even from year to year. Lest this may surprise you let me remark that the world of science is not identical with the physical world itself, with the real world if you like. Science is a model of the real world that we construct inside our own heads. The model is arranged by us to work according to a set of prescribed rules. These are the laws of science. And when we speak of comparing our scientific theories with observation we mean that a comparison is being made between our model and the events that comprise the real world.” (Hoyle, F., in Stockwood, M., ed., “Religion and the Scientists: Addresses Delivered in the University Church, Cambridge,” Lent Term, 1957, SCM Press: London, 1959, p.55).