May 252007

Hector Avalos

Avalos is the Darwinist villain at ISU who tries to emulate Nero. He persecutes honorable Christian professors like scientist Guillermo Gonzalez. It turns out, Bill Dembski may have caught Hector telling a fib. Too early to tell, but see the continuing drama : here.

I have a video however of the fate of Hector. Hector fought Achilles. Achilles was the guy who snuck inside the Trojan Horse. Now, ya know, I’m just gonna have to root for the guy who snuck inside the Trojan Horse!

Hector Meets His End

May 222007

While not every Darwinist is an atheist, just about every atheist is a Darwinist. So don’t tell me that there is no connection between ID, Darwinism and Atheism.

Thank you to EN&V for bringing this bigotry to our attention and another demonstration of atheist morality.
Chronicle of Higher Education Unearths New Evidence in Support of Gonzalez, But Tries to Discount It

Iowa State Promotes Atheist Professor Who Equates Bible with Mein Kampf While Denying Tenure to ID Astronomer

Iowa State’s Spokesman Tells Another Whopper about University’s Tenure Standards

U.S. Senator Expresses Alarm Over Denial of Tenure to Gonzalez at Iowa State

Key Developments in Gonzalez Tenure Denial Case, May 14-19

Darwinists Spread Misinformation about Guillermo Gonzalez’s Denial of Tenure

ISU Faculty Admit ID Played Role in Gonzalez Tenure Denial

May 192007

Isn’t it interesting that 19th century (the great “death of God” era) Darwinian “science” made it possible for Dawkins to become an intellectually fulfilled atheist, but that late 20th century science has made faith and theism more rational and reasonable than ever before in human history (in my opinion)? It’s an interesting turn of events. The “science” in which Dawkins put his atheistic faith turned out to be bogus.

It turns out that the universe did not always exist, and that it began in a flash of light (high-frequency gamma rays, but that’s electromagnetic radiation, just like light, only much more highly energetic). And who would have expected in Darwin’s time that life was not fundamentally based on chemistry, physics, and probability, but on information, information processing, and nano-technology super-machines?

Paul had it all figured out 2,000 years ago when he pointed out in the book of Romans that we are without excuse to disbelieve, because God has made Himself evident in things that are made (i.e., designed), and these things are all around us, especially us, who are fearfully and wonderfully made.

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May 172007

It has been presumed by the critics of ID that religious beliefs like Christianity are sustained primarily through socializing mechanisms.

Perhaps they believe that through alternative socializing mechanisms religion can be destroyed. Consider the petttion Dawkins signed to label Christianity as child abuse.

However, there is reason to think such anti-religion measures would not succeed because some people’s religion was not originated from socializing mechanisms.

Consider the near death experience and conversion of George Foreman. He was an impoverished teenage criminal that eventually reformed into the multi-millionaire minister of the Gospel he is today [reportedly signed a 137 million contract among other mutli-million dollar contracts].

See the abbreviated version of Foreman’s story: George Foreman beyond.. part4

Foreman is an example of what “the God Delusion” can do for someone’s life. “The God Delusion” can reform a formerly impoverished criminal and make him an upstanding and wealthy member of society.

From an operational perspective, it seems counter productive to industry to suppress certain forms of “the God delusion”.

In contrast, societies predicated on destroying the God delusion have been abysmal failures (can we say Stalin and Mao and Hitler). Darwinism is only useful for puppy beaters, and Foreman’s life is an example of what Darwinism cannot do for us.

For interested readers, I strongly encourage watching the entire story:

George Foreman beyond…part1

George Foreman beyond…part2

George Foreman beyond…part3