Aug 292007

Premise media has just announced the release of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, a new film on the intelligent design controversy starring Ben Stein, due out this February.

Expelled takes a fresh look at the debate as Ben Stein interviews the prominent scientists and academics on both sides of the issue, including ardent Darwinists Richard Dawkins, PZ Myers, and Eugenie Scott, and design proponents such as Stephen Meyer, Jonathan Wells, and Guillermo Gonzalez.

Cutting through the rhetoric, the movie gets to the meat of the story — what is happening to scientists and professors who support intelligent design, and, perhaps more disturbingly, why is it happening?

According to the film’s press release, Expelled is

“a disturbing new documentary that will shock anyone who thinks all scientists are free to follow the evidence wherever it may lead.”

Ben Stein, a pop-culture icon who is also a lawyer, an economist, a former presidential speechwriter, author and social commentator,

“uncovers a long line of biologists, astronomers, chemists and philosophers who have had their reputations destroyed and their careers ruined by a scientific establishment that allows absolutely no dissent from Charles Darwin’s theory of random mutation and natural selection.”

Any film willing to ask these questions will spark controversy and turn up the heat on the entrenched Darwinian establishment. Expelled takes a look at several recent assaults on the academic freedom of pro-intelligent design scientists, including Drs. Richard Sternberg, Carolyn Crocker, Guillermo Gonzalez, and (unfortunately) many, many more. By exposing their stories to a national audience, Expelled reveals the stark truth: Darwinists have been conspiring to keep design out of classrooms, out of journals, and out of public discourse.

Read Bruce Chapman’s comments about the film at Evolution News & Views.

Watch the trailer here.

Visit the film’s website here.

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Dec 222006

One of the most disturbing revelations of the recent congressional investigation into the Smithsonian’s persecution of Richard Sternberg is the behind-the-scenes role of the pro-Darwin lobbying group the National Center for Science Education (NCSE). Spying was only part of the NCSE‘s role. According to the congressional report, the NCSE helped mastermind efforts by government officials to publicly smear Sternberg with false information.

Read more about the NCSE‘s smear campaign against Dr. Sternberg here.

Taken from the CSC‘s Nota Bene, 21 Dec 2006. Following the evidence where it leads.

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Dec 222006

An article in the latest issue of New Scientist highlights the exciting work of scientists at the Biologic Institute, a new research lab conducting biological research and experiments from an intelligent design perspective. While writer Celeste Biever can’t suppress her visceral pro-Darwin bias from the story (which carries the dismissive title “Intelligent design: The God Lab”), Biever’s article is going to make it very difficult for Darwinists to continue to assert that scientists who support intelligent design aren’t conducting scientific research.

Read more about the new ID research lab Biologic Institute here.

Researcher Douglas Axe was featured in that article:
Building a case
While researching protein structure at various institutes in the UK, Douglas Axe, now at the Biologic Institute in Redmond, Washington, published two peer-reviewed papers… Continue reading »

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Dec 182006

Smithsonian Scientist Demoted for Views Critical of Darwinian Evolution

The House Government Reform Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy, and Human Resources has issued its official report on the investigation into the harassment and discrimination against biologist Dr. Richard Sternberg. (for more background see here). The congressional report bluntly states: The staff investigation has uncovered compelling evidence that Dr. Sternberg’s civil and constitutional rights were violated by Smithsonian officials. The full report can be downloaded here, and the appendix can be downloaded here.

Read more: Congressional Investigation Confirms Discrimination against Smithsonian Scientist Critical of Darwinian Evolution.

Nota Bene by the The Center for Science & Culture, Following the evidence where it leads. For Fri, 15 Dec 2006.

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Dec 182006

The CSC¨wrote in its Nota Bene for Friday 15 Dec 2006,

The key section of the widely-noted court decision on intelligent design issued a year ago on December 20 was copied nearly verbatim from a document written by ACLU lawyers, according to a study released today by scholars affiliated with the Discovery Institute.

“Judge John Jones copied verbatim or virtually verbatim 90.9% of his 6,004-word section on whether intelligent design is science from the ACLU‘s proposed ‘Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law’ submitted to him nearly a month before his ruling,” said Dr. John West, Vice President for Public Policy and Legal Affairs at Discovery Institute‘s Center for Science and Culture.

Did Judge Jones ALSO Plagiarize Scholar’s Book in Dickinson College Commencement Speech?

We have made clear that Judge Jones’ wholesale and uncritical copying from ACLU attorneys in the Kitzmiller v. Dover decision is not considered “plagiarism” in legal circles–even though such verbatim copying has been frowned upon by appellate courts. But what about the unattributed use of language from someone else’s book in a public speech? According to the posted text of his Commencement Address at Dickinson College, Judge Jones appears to have engaged in unattributed copying outside the courtroom as well. Compare the following passages and decide for yourself whether this new finding constitutes plagiarism.

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Apr 212006

Darwinian Fairytales: Selfish Genes, Errors of Heredity and Other Fables of Evolution. David Stove, Roger Kimball. 2005 (hardcover), Encounter Books, 320 p.

A Ridiculous Slander on Human Beings.”

That is what the philosopher David Stove concludes in his hilarious and razor-sharp inquiry into Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Next, link to the Darwinian Fairy Tales reviewed by David Fontana.

WorldNetDaily.com Book Service concludes: “A hilarious, razor-sharp refutation of the hallowed dogmas of Darwinism.”

In amazon.com we read: “Darwinian Fairytales is a must-read book for people who want to really understand the issues behind the most hotly debated scientific controversy of our time.” Continue reading »

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Mar 062006

I liked that “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” was picked for best makeup.

I liked that Reese Witherspoon won as the best female actress as country singer June Carter:

Oh, my goodness I never thought I’d be here in my whole life growing up in Tennessee,” said Witherspoon, who like co-star Joaquin Phoenix as Carter’s soul mate, country legend Johnny Cash, handled her own singing in “Walk the Line.”


People used to ask June how she was doing, and she would say I’m just trying to matter. I know what she means,” said Witherspoon, who told the audience the Oscar made her feel she was doing work that matters.

However, I did not like that George Clooney won supporting-performer for his anti-American role in “Syriana” (that anti-American award was the “opening act” for the night, after showing Clooney lying in bed with Stewart), where the “hero” is a self-exploding terrorist bomber, while the enemy is the U.S. government. As Krauthammer wisely declared yesterday (see his full text below):

Tonight, as the Oscars are honoring Syriana, American soldiers will be fighting, some perhaps dying, in defense of precisely the kind of tolerant, modernizing Muslim leader that Syriana shows America slaughtering.

I did not like that filmmaker Ang Lee, who won the best-director prize for the fiction tale of two old cowboys who carry on an homosexual love affair they conceal from their families for years (well, at least he did not win for best movie of the year, yeah!) Lee, whose martial-arts epic “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” won the foreign-language Oscar five years ago, became the first Asian filmmaker to win Hollywood’s main filmmaking honor. “I’m so proud of the movie,” Lee said backstage, where he was asked if he was disappointed that his film about gay cowboys lost best picture and what might have kept it from winning. “Why they didn’t go for it, I don’t know. You’re asking a question that I don’t know the answer…” (My comment: Lee, you are totally wrong on portraying the Chinese as masculine tigers while portraying the American male Cowboys as feminine and coward homosexuals. Please, oh dear movie-goer, dont buy that lie!)

My question is: Is this Chinese director trying to “feminize” the American culture to weaken it more and more, to the point to make it unable to defend against terrorists, against a Chinese Communist Imperialism and against anti-Americans like that Clooney (read it as ‘Clowney‘)? Continue reading »

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Feb 242006

Teleologist and beloved readers,

I have been collaborating in the effort to present Intelligent Design in Spanish, my native languange in the Blog for a new Website:

Today I have translated to Spanish my observations of the Double Talk that exists within evolutionism, clearly represented by the correspondence established between the Hooker and the Darwin (smile).
the hookerThe Hooker and The Darwin, the no-win
Chuckling behind their dirty hands (smile.)

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Feb 092006

I am really thrilled to see Songs of Salvation in more and more musical events.Mariah CareyYesterday, in the 2006 Grammy Awards, Mariah Carey presented her great song “Fly Like A Bird” (accompanied by a Choir, a song that also was featured in the 2005 “Storm Telethon” and in “Good Morning America“). Last night, at the end of that song, she was acclaimed with a standing ovation. You were able to see Sting and all the other singers standing up of their seats in awe after hearing Carey’s heavenly message, while Teri Hatcher (the most desperate one) even made a comment (that wasn’t captioned) related to that song and the Salvation that it brought to the whole place (and don’t forget Carey’s songs “My Saving Grace“, “When You Believe“, and her other related ones.) Continue reading »

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Jan 312006

President Bush


To keep our economy growing, we also need reliable supplies of affordable, environmentally responsible energy. (Applause.) Nearly four years ago, I submitted a comprehensive energy strategy that encourages conservation, alternative sources, a modernized electricity grid, and more production here at home — including safe, clean nuclear energy. (Applause.) My Clear Skies legislation will cut power plant pollution and improve the health of our citizens. (Applause.) And my budget provides strong funding for leading-edge technology — from hydrogen-fueled cars, to clean coal, to renewable sources such as ethanol. (Applause.) Four years of debate is enough: I urge Congress to pass legislation that makes America more secure and less dependent on foreign energy. (Applause.)


To make our economy stronger and more dynamic, we must prepare a rising generation to fill the jobs of the 21st century. Under the No Child Left Behind Act, standards are higher, test scores are on the rise, and we’re closing the achievement gap for minority students. Now we must demand better results from our high schools, so every high school diploma is a ticket to success. We will help an additional 200,000 workers to get training for a better career, by reforming our job training system and strengthening America’s community colleges. And we’ll make it easier for Americans to afford a college education, by increasing the size of Pell Grants. (Applause.)

Continue reading »

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