Jun 122007

Clark Adams was on the board of directors of Internet Infidels, the organization that hosts the infamous “swamp” (the infidels creation/evolution discussion board).

It was the swamp creatures the heroic ID proponents and creationists have fought on the internet in various places for many years, and these battle continue to this day…

But now, one of the Darwinsits generals in the person of Clark Adams falls on his owns sword in the middle of battle!

At first I was about to seriously gloat that yet another Darwinist was vanquished. He killed himself in a manner thoroughly consistent with his pointless Darwinian world view. But alas, I find the passing of this particular enemy to be an unhappy event…
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May 252007

Hector Avalos

Avalos is the Darwinist villain at ISU who tries to emulate Nero. He persecutes honorable Christian professors like scientist Guillermo Gonzalez. It turns out, Bill Dembski may have caught Hector telling a fib. Too early to tell, but see the continuing drama : here.

I have a video however of the fate of Hector. Hector fought Achilles. Achilles was the guy who snuck inside the Trojan Horse. Now, ya know, I’m just gonna have to root for the guy who snuck inside the Trojan Horse!

Hector Meets His End

May 172007

It has been presumed by the critics of ID that religious beliefs like Christianity are sustained primarily through socializing mechanisms.

Perhaps they believe that through alternative socializing mechanisms religion can be destroyed. Consider the petttion Dawkins signed to label Christianity as child abuse.

However, there is reason to think such anti-religion measures would not succeed because some people’s religion was not originated from socializing mechanisms.

Consider the near death experience and conversion of George Foreman. He was an impoverished teenage criminal that eventually reformed into the multi-millionaire minister of the Gospel he is today [reportedly signed a 137 million contract among other mutli-million dollar contracts].

See the abbreviated version of Foreman’s story: George Foreman beyond.. part4

Foreman is an example of what “the God Delusion” can do for someone’s life. “The God Delusion” can reform a formerly impoverished criminal and make him an upstanding and wealthy member of society.

From an operational perspective, it seems counter productive to industry to suppress certain forms of “the God delusion”.

In contrast, societies predicated on destroying the God delusion have been abysmal failures (can we say Stalin and Mao and Hitler). Darwinism is only useful for puppy beaters, and Foreman’s life is an example of what Darwinism cannot do for us.

For interested readers, I strongly encourage watching the entire story:

George Foreman beyond…part1

George Foreman beyond…part2

George Foreman beyond…part3

Apr 272007

I’m pleased to announce that Jack Krebs, President of KCFS (Kansas Center For Sewage, a Darwinist organization for indoctrinating public school children into Darwinism) and author at PandasThumb is the recipient of the 2007 Darwin Awards conferred by the NCSE.

Krebs with Darwin Chic Liz Craig
Featured above is Krebs with Darwin Chic Liz Craig.

I’d like to congratulate Jack on this honor.

Noticed the award has a picture of Charles “Gas” Darwin at the top. It looks really splendid.

Congratulations, Jack!

I was nicknamed “Gas.”

Charles Darwin

Apr 272007

Since Atom at Uncommon Descent was so interested in Spetner’s work, I open this thread to discuss Lee Spetner’s book, Not by Chance. Spetner is Johns Hopkins biophysicist. He received an endorsement from Nobel Laureate Christian Anfinsen for his book.


Feb 162007


Because I sense interest in the topic, I’m thinking of forming a YEC/ID weblog. Although I’ll continue to post at UD, my threads are being bumped off the forefront as time passes, unlike ARN and ISCID where a topic can be visited and discussed for months!!!!

Furthermore, we’ll organize the information and discussion hierarchically and try to get some better critics. It will also be a gateway to a Virginia Creationist society.

Is anyone interested? OECs and non-creationists are welcome to participate and help with the material and web programming?