Jan 112006

Today, more than an hour ago, I enjoyed Bruce Feiler‘s episode two of the program “Walking the Bible” (aired by PBS) and entitled “The Israelites in Egypt

I got to see the actual ruins of the storage cities for Pharaoh described in Exodus 1:11: Pithom and Raamses:

“They [the Israelites] built storage cities for Pharaoh: Pithom and Raamses.”

Then, Feiler visited the ‘Sea of Reeds‘, that was opened for the Israelites to pass like over dry land, while closing down when the Egyptian chariots attempted to pass through. Here, Feiler was talking about how the King James Translation of ‘the Red Sea‘, could better be translated from the Hebrew as ‘the Sea of Reeds‘.

Before, I got to see how Bruce and his guide, and of course, the cameraman ascended the irregular stairs to reach the top of one of the three classic Pyramids of Egypt… the next one, with a blunt cut:
Bruce Ascended to the top of the Pyramid at the right side
… and from the top of it they filmed the amazing landscape.

I am looking forward to see the next week Episode Three of “Walking the Bible“: Toward The Promised Land: Forty Years in the Desert

For me, the Bible is so beautiful, so marvelous. The Bible is the best book that has ever existed. The Bible is the most certain truth and the highest treasure to live and to die for”

From this Teleological forum I openly send my deepest congratulations to PBS and to Bruce Feiler for their lively journey through the Bible Lands, opening them for us to learn and to see!

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Dec 242005
Edmund H. Sears, 1810-1876
Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom His favor rests.” (Luke 2:13)

The peace of Christmas, proclaimed by the heavenly chorus, is one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind. “God was reconciling the world unto Himself” (2 Corinthians 5:19). This message of reconciliation involves us on three different levels: Peace with God, peace with our fellowmen, and peace within ourselves. It is this blessed concept that Edmund Sears wanted to emphasize in his unusual carol. Continue reading »


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Nov 242005

Thank you to all those who have taken their time and effort to contribute to this blog. Have a good THANKSGIVING everyone.

Nov 102005

The Patriot-News

Thursday, November 10, 2005
Pennsylvanians provided a memorable off-year election by voting not to retain a Supreme Court justice for the first time ever and by ousting eight incumbent Dover School Board members who achieved international notoriety by provoking a renewed debate over the validity of the theory of evolution.

I just have two words. “School Vouchers” Let the Atheistic Darwinists keep their tyrannical indoctrination to their own children, they have no right to force indoctrinate ours.

Two things can be accomplished with vouchers. 1. Our children will get a better education and we can all get the kind of education that we want. 2. This will setup a natural competition between ID and Darwinian education. We will know once and for all which group will become better scientists. Although the latter will depend on universities be blind to where applicants come from to avoid Darwinian bigotry.

Nov 042005

Among the scientific myths exploded by Tom Bethell:

1. Why, quite independently of Intelligent Design, fewer informed
people than ever believe in evolution now
2. Evolution from the primordial soup: not a scientific truth but a
highly questionable philosophical worldview, whose real premises have been
carefully concealed
3. How boosters of the evolutionary theory systematically stifle debate
on the premises of Intelligent Design, and shamelessly silence challenges to
4. How evolutionists twist any outcome in nature as a “confirmation” of
Darwin’s theory
5. The famous (and non-believing) philosopher who admitted that “It’s
easier to believe in God” than in evolution Continue reading »

Sep 232005

[ humor forum post]

Richard Dawkins is the Charles Simonyi Professor of the Public Understanding. That means he gets $$$ from Simonyi.

It turns out, there is (this is true) a certain board member on the Discovery Institutute’s Board by the name of Susan Hutchinson. See : Discovery Institute Fellows.

I met Susan at Discovery Day. She informed me she is the trustee of the Charles Simonyi Foundation.

You see, Dembski inadvertently gave away the strategy in the Wedge master plan while he was having beer with Michael Shermer

During evening refreshments, we discussed how we could generate funds for our respective causes — he to promote skepticism and debunk people like me, and me to promote intelligent design and debunk Darwinism (which underwrites Shermer’s brand of skepticism). We agreed that we should start a highly visible campaign against each other in which we argue the dangers of the other’s position. Having escalated the conflict between us, we could then go to our natural constituencies and urge them to fund each of us against the other.

You see. Richard Dawkins was part of the Wedge Strategy to make people flock to the Wedge cause. His finaceer has ties to the Wedge. I put 2 and 2 together after as I had lunch with Ms. Hutchinson and Mr. Ahmason at Discovery Day.

Sep 232005

3 IDEA members attended an event to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the Discovery Institute’s Washington DC office.

I was very impressed with their involvment in shaping public policy regarding communications and transportation in addition to science and culture. For example, if the DI’s policies had been adopted, it could have resulted in an annual GDP boost of 1 trillion a year. This of course is why the Think Tank is attracting money. People like Bill Gates and Susan Hutchinson and Howard Ahmanson feel this maverick think tank can positively influence the technological and economic and social culture. I hope the DI will do for the ecomony what it did for ID!

3 IDEA members were invited to Discovery Day, and about 25 people were there including Senator Richard Santorum, Congressman TomPetri, ambassador Miller, frmr ambassador Bruce Chapman, Susan Hutchinson, Howard Ahmanson, Mark Ryland, Johnathan Wells, frmr President of Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Robert Chihak, an assitant secretary of Transportation (whose name I forgot), a couple of reporters (of course!)

I felt like our little IDEA contingent were cultural soldiers invited to dine with the generals. The day definitely served to inspire the troops in the trenches. Now I feel part of world class team, like we’re teeny tiny part of making history in overturning the most wasteful, oversold, unsupported theory in history of ideas. Continue reading »

Jan 012005

Let’s start the new year off by putting life into perspective. Life is but a vapor here today and gone tomorrow. Pride goes before the fall. This quote from Malcolm Muggeridge poignantly encapsulate the futility of self centered human existence. Continue reading »