mē genoito

May it never be! Let God be true, and every man a liar. As it is written: “So that you may be proved right when you speak and prevail when you judge.” (Ro 3:4)

September, 2006

The Gospel of Health and Wealth

I don’t understand why Christians can’t have it all, Heaven + health and wealth on earth. With great expositors like Henry Wright who will tell you how to live without diseases, at least the types that he claims. And with pastor Osteen who will teach you how to be wealthy and prosperous. Become a Christian […]

Be In Health

I would like some help and opinions. Talk to as many other Christians as you can and ask them about their opinion on this. Here are the questions. “As Pastor Wright says in his book, A MORE EXCELLENT WAY, in the case of chronic conditions, where the etiology is unknown by the medical profession, 80% […]

Tiptoeing Through the TULIP: Irresistible Grace

Although the next letter in the acrostic after T should be U. It makes more systematic sense to skip to I for my next review on TULIP. The I in TULIP stand for irresistible grace. Just what is irresistible grace? Essentially irresistible grace has to do with how a person is regenerated. Regenerated in the […]

Tiptoeing Through the TULIP: Total Depravity

Isn’t that a clever title? I bet you’ve never heard that phrase before. You don’t have to worry about worn-out clich? in this blog. TULIP is an acrostic used to express a set of doctrines on salvation. The problem with mnemonic devices is often not a good representation of the underlying ideas. This is also […]

Is Love the New Christian Ecumenism?

I had intended to continue my posting on the defense of TULIP. Before I get too deep into the weeds, I want to touch on Christian ecumenism. First there is no Christian ecumenism outside of the exclusivity of the gospel, because there is no Christianity outside of the gospel. However, is Christian ecumenism limited to […]

Calvin – is – ticked

Calvinistic, Calvinism and Calvinian by adding these suffix to a word, we’ve essentially institutionalizes the original word. (Does this remind you of anything?) Human beings have a tendency to reduce an entire system of thoughts to just one word. Sometimes that is good, but sometimes that is bad. It is good in the sense that […]


Why another Christian blog? Theology, as the study of God and the things of God, does not come naturally to me. Many doctrinal issues are also lofty and not applicable to every day life. In that sense theology to me is like a road map. If I am to find my way around in a […]