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May it never be! Let God be true, and every man a liar. As it is written: “So that you may be proved right when you speak and prevail when you judge.” (Ro 3:4)

Ted Haggard Fired by Church Overseers over Sex and Drug Sins

Ted Haggard is the pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He was also elected as President of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) in 2003.

News broke last week that Haggard has been engaged in a homosexual prostitute, Mike Jones, for over three years. He was also alleged to have bought methamphetamine from Jones, although he claims to have never used it. Haggard initially denied the allegations. Jones also failed a lie-detector test.

After Jones made the alleged affair public, skeptics began to doubt the story, particularly after Haggard told a television news crew that night that he never had sex with Jones and had always remained faithful to his wife, Gayle.

So Jones on Friday submitted to a lie-detector test. On Peter Boyles’ talk show on KHOW radio, test administrator John Kresnik characterized Jones’ answers about sex as “deceptive.” Jones wasn’t asked about drugs.

Today the Denver Post reports Haggard has admitted to ”some sexual indiscretions” to his church overseers this past Saturday.

As Christians what are we to make of all of this? First, no one is above sin and we are all fallen Creatures saved by grace. It doesn’t matter how well-known or respected a Christian might be when they sin, it is as egregious as the obscure pauper who sins. The more important point to realize is the failure of a prominent pastor does not diminish the authenticity or validity of the Word of God. As a Christian, I am a follower of Christ, not a fallen person saved by grace. A poor analogy might be the President of the U.S.A commits a crime, but that in no way does it invalidate the Constitution of the United States. Except the Revelation/Word of God is infinitely more reverence than the Constitution. Christians should pray for those who have been ensnared by sin, his family and church family for strength in the Lord through this difficult period.

Not to pour oil on a burning building, but my initial reaction to the news is not surprised. I’ve attended an affiliate of New Life Church for about six months. With all due respect to the pastor of this church, not one of his sermons resonated with my theological thinking. The sermons were less than memorable. Ted Haggard’s New Life denomination (if you could call it that) is more charismatically center than theologically centered. The pastor would pace back and forth on stage and at times fall on the floor. Church service is more geared toward eliciting emotion than theological exegesis.

Before attending New Life I had also found discomforting testimonies about Ted Haggard and his unsavory practices. I was not able to find concrete evidence to support such accusations. I had always endeavored to live at peace with my brethren and achieve some measure of ecumenism. The straw that broke this camel’s back was when the New Life church began to hold classes teaching things like these Be In Health and Health and Wealth.

The point I am trying to make is that Ted Haggard’s New Life Churches are not strict conservative representatives of the Bible to begin with. Take a look at a couple of other comments on Haggard by The Reformed Gadfly: Ted Haggard: The Symptom and Thoughts on today’s scandal.

What about Mike Jones? Is Jones just a reluctant prostitute who didn’t want to ruin a pastor?

Jones said he was reluctant to “out” Haggard. However, he said, there was too much at stake with Colorado voters Tuesday deciding whether to constitutionally ban gay marriage. Haggard has been a vocal public supporter of the ballot measure.

“I had to take a look at myself and how this affected my community, and I believe I did the right thing,” Jones said. “You just can’t have it both ways when you have so much influence. … He should have been a better role model.” — Denver Post

I don’t know how reluctant Jones is but there is no doubt that he has an agenda. He wanted this news to affect the election in Colorado this Tuesday. What does he mean “a better role model”, a better role model for whom? Is Jones concerned that Haggard is not a better role model for the Christians? Or does Jones think that Haggard should be a better role model for his homosexual community? Neither of these propositions would make any sense. Christianity and the Bible is bigger than Haggard or any Christians. What does Jones think, that Haggard should come out and tell Christians that we need to allow gay marriage against the Revelation of God because he is gay? Jones is just ignorant and pathetic.

So Jones admitted to prostitution, but what about selling drugs?

*He did not identify the hotel. Jones told CNN he did not sell methamphetamine to Haggard, but he said he gave Haggard a contact to obtain the drug and saw him use it on multiple occasions.

Jones only provided Haggard with a contact. This was Jones claim on 11/3.

Jones also expressed a desire to clear up reports that he is a drug dealer, even though he admits working as a go-between to obtain methamphetamine for Haggard. He has not been contacted yet by Denver police about his escort services or the drug sales.

Now on 11/6 Jones admits to being a go-between? That sounds like a drug dealer to me. A go-between sounds like he did a lot more than just giving Haggard a contact. Did Jones take money from Haggard and exchange that money for drugs then in turn gave Haggard the drug? That sounds like drug dealing to me. So far Jones has not been arrested for prostitution or drug dealing yet.

Does Jones have any thing to gain personally by ousting Haggard?

Despite the negative reactions, Jones said he also has received support from all over the world, including messages from Sweden, Australia and Great Britain.

Jones, who said Friday he works part-time as a model and a fitness consultant, said he is broke now and needs a job. He said he stopped working as a male escort about six months ago. — Denver Post

He’s been giving interviews to all the different media outlets. I wonder if he is getting paid for these interviews. He obviously has gain a measure of fame and hero status with the gay community around the world. So maybe in some small way he has received some personal gain as a result of ousting Haggard.

I also find this quote from Jones odd.

“Ted, you need to be honest with yourself,” Jones said over the air. “If you’re a gay man, you’re a gay man.”

Why does Jones seems to be so anxious for Haggard to admit that he is gay? Assuming that Haggard did engage in a homosexual relationship but he is also married and have children. He is at least partly heterosexual. Why does Jones think Haggard’s homosexuality is more valid than his heterosexuality? The gay community would like people to believe that there is some genetic basis for their sexual orientation. Is there such a thing as a bisexual gene(s)? It is at least fair to ask if homosexuality is an aberrant social behavior rather than a genetic disposition, in light of the absence of finding a bisexual gene(s).

6 Responses to “Ted Haggard Fired by Church Overseers over Sex and Drug Sins”

  • inunison says:

    hi teleologist,

    “The more important point to realize is the failure of a prominent pastor does not diminish the authenticity or validity of the Word of God.”

    The fact of the matter is that these incidents do just that, in the eyes of non Christians. No amount of anti-theist ranting can do damage to Church as much as these so called shepards that in my opinion lead people to the slaughter.

    You rightly point out that focusing on emotions alone, cannot be conductive to character building in the image of Jesus Christ.

    I must also add that some of the New Life Church leader’s statements make no sense to me.

    We Christians need to go back to sola scriptura principle and not turn our worship into “feel good” exercise.

  • teleologist says:

    Thank you for your comment inunison. You are so right. What we need is a revival of the solas of the reformation.

  • inunison says:

    I am under impression that these things are happening in Pentacostal/Charismatic churches most of the time. I wonder why (if my feeling is correct)?

  • teleologist says:

    I don’t know if that is the case. I think the problem is in churches that put less emphasis on the Sovereignty of God and the authority of Scripture. The myth is that rationality and emotional experience of worship are mutually exclusive.

  • faithhopelove says:

    For the writer of the original post on this thread:

    I may not approve of whatever Mr. Haggard has allegedly done, any more than I approve of his condemnation of others that he appears to have an affinity with.

    I was taught that Christian belief structure is based on GOD and our need for him, as well as his desire to have ALL of his children “come home,” no matter what they do… even if bad.

    I congratulate the writer of the initial post on this thread to be a person of NO fault, not standing in the need of grace… based on your OWN words.

    Sorry, but no matter how much I do personally for “kingdom work,” I also accept that I am in the need of grace daily.

    I do not question that you are a follower of Christ, not knowing you at all, but I would think that ALL followers of Christ to be enlightened to the extent of understanding the need of Grace.

    Christ CAME as a gift of grace… an atonement for all sins, in fulfillment of the accepted practice of the customs in that day and age of Hebrew belief structure, though all who espoused that structure did not see it.

    Perhaps you are a “fourth” person of God as not yet revealed, to be perfect and in no need of grace.

    I may well be “redeemed” by the virtue of the almighty, but that does not mean I am not in need of continuing grace… as I expect most people to be.

    If you could write a book on how to be perfect with no need of God, I would not read it. I NEED my faith too much… and would hate to laugh at a fellow sister/brother who places them-self in a position as to understand the entirety of God and as such, have no need for what every other person on this planet DOES need ( even if they don’t know it, or call it by the same terms.”

    Need and personal desire are not always equal. We NEED to breathe constantly… but we WANT to only under specific circumstances… usually in moments of crisis.

    I embrace my frailty, to be the person God made me to be. I was NOT made to be a manifestation of the God-head, any more than the rest of my brothers and sisters. I am whom I was made to be… and THAT person is daily in need of grace.

    It is up to God to determine the rest, or use what is left after we mere mortals act via the “free will” clause.

    I DO respect the conviction of the original poster, even if I take issue with some of the meanings that such words state that are NOT in keeping with my own view… and still pray for Ted’s enlightenment, even if he is disgraced AND one whom I would never see eye-to-eye with on church political terms.

    The beliefs of faith that I have come to know run far deeper than the swirling failures that we participate within, in the name of the church, on the surface as a general rule… but that is MY experience, not perhaps yours.

    I will pray for you… not asking that you think like me, but asking you to be given what you need in order to complete the life’s work ahead of you.


  • teleologist says:

    Hi Harold,

    Welcome to this obscure blog. I thank you for taking the time to write this comment. Although I am somewhat perplex by your thinly veiled sarcasm i.e., I can’t imagine whatever gave you the impression that I consider myself in any less need of grace and not a sinner like everyone else. If you are unhappy with my criticism of Haggard then please by all means be specific and chastise me for where I’ve deviated from Scripture, but please do not mock me with sarcasm without prior substantive justification.

    It is true that I made some strong criticism of Haggard and his ?New Life” movement. I’ve made those criticisms as a warning to others and maybe even those who are in this church to seek a more orthodox church to fellowship in. I am sure as a child of God you are devoted to live out the life that God wants you to live i.e., according to His Word and by His Spirit. If you’ve been an overseer you would know that the protection of those that God has charged you to shepard over is prime most in your duties. Beyond that we are all called to be Bereans and test every spirit against the Word of God. Let me remind you of some Scriptures upon which I made my justification for criticizing Haggard.
    1 Timothy 4:13, 2 Timothy 3:16, 1 Corinthians 5:13-6:4, Numbers 25:7-11.

    As Christians and children of God we are to judge, discern, reproof and at times punish those who walk outside of God’s requirement. Having grace and freedom in Christ does not mean that we are free to do whatever we want among the fellowship of believers without being chastised. I would welcome Haggard’s or any other sinner’s true repentance but to refrain from testing one’s action against Scripture and stay reticent is anti-Biblical. What you are promoting is a false humility that does not serve God. 15But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, 16keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander. This does not only apply to external attacks to our faith but to internal corruption as well. Let us contend (or defend vigorously) for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints.

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