mē genoito

May it never be! Let God be true, and every man a liar. As it is written: “So that you may be proved right when you speak and prevail when you judge.” (Ro 3:4)

December, 2006

Emerging Church and Jesus Christ

There is a pattern that I’ve notice with the emerging church. The leaders seems to have a problem of referring to our Lord, God, and Savior as Jesus Christ. I did a google on Dan Kimball’s Vintage Faith Church and his blog. I haven’t found one instance where Dan referred to our Lord as Jesus […]

Someone who actually visited emerging churches

Dan Kimball was so excited to have found someone to give emerging churches a favorable review. He sings nothing but praise about Bob Whitesel’s evaluation of emerging churches. On the other hand, he can’t help but to take a couple of jabs at his critics, which is unusual because emerging church leaders like Dan are […]

Listening To Dan Kimball’s Beliefs Of Emerging Churches

Dan Kimball is an emerging church pastor from Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz. In one of Dan’s recent post on his blog he corrects a stereotype on emerging churches. So, the “stereotype” which emphatically stated that emerging churches are rejecting historical doctrines and that most don’t teach doctrines isn’t a valid belief. Dan also […]

Misdirected Purpose Driven Life

I’ve written on Rick Warren’s talk at TED (February 2006 in Monterey, CA.) in a previous post. Warren became fabulously wealthy from the PDL book. Due to his newfound wealth, Warren has an epiphany for our purpose in life. Our purpose according to Warren is to be good stewards of the environment, care for the […]

Slice of Laodicea Attacks Saddleback Church

Here is another attack from Slice of Laodicea on Rick Warren. Saddleback Church members recently returned from a missionary trip to Argentina. They were so proud of their good deeds that they posted a video documenting their trip. However, when you watch their video it becomes eerily clear that these missionaries were not handing out […]

Postmodernism : First Contact

For us Star Trek fans, we all remember the Borg attack on Earth to prevent First Contact with Vulcans. But what most fans do not know is that Jean Luc Picard is quite a theologian. They might be surprise to know Picard actually spoke up against the Seeker and Emerging Churches. So with the best […]

Rick (Martin Luther) Warren: Reformation Generation

This article is about a month old. HT: Ken Silva for posting this on Slice of Laodicea. I have mixed reactions when I first read this article. I don’t know if I was more insulted, irritated or is it just buffoonery.

Dembski On The Cross

I am very happy to see William Dembski is being more vocal in expressing his faith. Although I disagree strongly with Francis Collins in his views on ID and NDE; I am happy to hear of his commitment to Christ. Therefore I am even more encourage to see Dembski sharing his commitment to Christian faith. […]

R.C. Sproul Jr Defrocked

Some time ago I’ve written to some friends of mine to alert them to a problem with R.C. Sproul Jr. For the longest time I couldn’t decide if I should post it on my blog or not. One reason is that the incident told place at the beginning of the year, making the posting some […]

Why Does Pastor Rick Warren Do What He Does?

In my last post I pointed out the Seeker Churches as a deviation from authentic Christianity. In this post I would like to point out, in my opinion, currently the most prominent leader in this movement, is pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church. Pastor Warren is the author of the enormously popular bestselling book The […]