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May it never be! Let God be true, and every man a liar. As it is written: “So that you may be proved right when you speak and prevail when you judge.” (Ro 3:4)

Duck Dynasty : The Line Must be Drawn Here

The recent controversy by Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty has stirred up quite a firestorm even within the Christian camp. The reactions from secular liberals, LGBT and GLAAD is expected and I will not waste my time commenting on them. But I am disappointed with some of the reactions from the Christian community, especially Desiring God Ministry and The Gospel Coalition.

Here is a list of articles that I’ve read from various Christian and conservative websites.

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Let me try to summarize the main objections to Robertson’s comment by DGM and TGC. They don’t necessarily disagrees with Robertson’s comment about homosexuality is a sin but they object to his inarticulate and insensitive way that he made that comment. And another objection they have is that with all the other persecutiona and needs around the world this is no big deal and we should just move on. One of the article even called Robertson naive but I don’t see how Robertson’s comment could be more naive than the ones from Desiring God Ministry and The Gospel Coalition.

It is true that Robertson’s comment is not filled with flowery words and equivocal verbiages but it was not anymore insulting than telling someone that what they are doing is a sin. There is no way to sugar coat it and no way to make it more pleasant without equivocating on the absoluteness of sin.

What bothers me the most is how these posters from DGM and TGC are so quick to if not throw a fellow Christian under the bus, at least watch him being rolled over and not show their solidarity. The group most vocal in demanding for Robertson to cower to their worldview is GLAAD. Make no mistake about it, Robertson’s comment is hurting no one and he is only espousing his personal belief. GLAAD’s agenda establish homosexuality is an accepted norm and supreme over any other views. To do this they will mock, marginalize and punish anyone who would call it a sin and unacceptable. Robertson’s comment is not only not offensive but mild in comparison to the attack by GLAAD on him and indirectly on Christianity.

However, I am heartened by someone of Al Mohler’s stature in that last link above to speak out strongly in support of Robertson. Yes, I know the cultural wind is changing, it has been for a long time. It may be inevitable that Christians will be gravely persecuted for our faith. But it doesn’t mean that we should be going down without a fight and continue to be salt and light. God is still sovereign. Soli Deo Gloria.

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