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May it never be! Let God be true, and every man a liar. As it is written: “So that you may be proved right when you speak and prevail when you judge.” (Ro 3:4)

Homosexuality Lost the DD Battle But Winning the War

The news is that Phil Robertson is back on the Duck Dynasty show and A&E caved in to greed because the show is so lucrative for the network. Before Christians begin to celebrate that the tide is turning against homosexuality, we need to take another look at reality.

This is my third post on DD and I think I should declare that I am not a fan of the show to begin with. I’ve watched a couple of episodes and it was mildly entertaining but it is not a show that I would follow. I sometimes would stay on the channel for one or two segments while I’m channel surfing but that’s about it. I am saying this to differentiate the content of the show with the essence of Phil Robertson’s statement in GQ. I unabashedly support what Phil said in the GQ interview because that is what the Bible teaches.

Back to A&E’s decision to lift the suspension on Phil. It may seem like this is a victory for Christian value but I don’t see it that way. It is victory for the Robertson family to continue making money on a reality TV show. It might be a victory for capitalism vs. politically speech. But did Christians really win the war on the Biblical value? Did we win the war or battle that homosexuality is a moral sin and offense to God? From what I’ve seen from the culture war it does not appear to be so.

Most of the comments that I’ve seen and read have argued for Phil’s first amendment right to speech. However, they are always quick to add what Phil said was offensive, hateful and intolerant. There seems to be an almost universal support for LGBT as an accepted norm and moral lifestyle. Although religious fanatics like Phil Robertson should be allowed to speak against this morally acceptable behavior, he should be condemned as a bigot and a hater. In this sense I don’t think Christians have won anything.

How should Christians have reacted differently to reshape this argument? I think the focus should not have been on freedom of speech. The argument and defense of Phil’s comments should have been based on the morality or immorality of homosexuality. That obviously would have been a much more difficult apologetic argument. Here are a few links that should help us understand and frame an argument on homosexual sins.

Homosexuality: Know the Truth and Speak It with Compassion

Beliefs about Homosexual Behavior and Ministering to Homosexual Persons

Speaking Of Homosexuality

The problem as I see it in our culture today is that homosexuality has established itself as a moral virtue, like love, kindness and tolerance. And subconsciously Christians have accepted that default. Why do I say that? consider how we’ve defended this controversy. We say things like this is my personal belief as a Christian. I don’t have anything against gay people, it is just my personal belief. We are almost sorry that we have to say homosexuality is a sin. Our apologetics have mainly been defensive instead of offensive. Let me be very clear, I am not advocating hate or harm toward same-sex people. As a matter of fact I think we should love them and it is because of that love for them to be saved that we present the good news of repentance to them. Consider this example of a hidden camera TV show “What Would You Do?”, which is normally very pro-gay. In this clip the show is setup to see if strangers would speak up to prevent a young girl from being tricked into harm by a ‘creepy’ dubious photographer. The people that speak up to prevent harm to the victim are applauded. Why shouldn’t Christians be considered noble for speaking out against a sin that leads to condemnation? The answer is simple. ‘Creepy’ photographers seeking to victimize young girls are considered immoral. And apparently Christians who speak out against the sin of homosexuality are also considered immoral.

So this is what I mean by going on the offensive. We need to challenge the status quo that homosexuality is a normative virtue. Why should I accept the standard that homosexuality is moral? What gives the secular pro-gay proponents to set the standard of what is moral or immoral? Is it based on the opinion of the masses, might is right? Or is it based on who feels the most indignant and shouts the loudest? You know where I am going with this. This brings the argument back on a more philosophical ground, is there an objective morality? This would give the advantage to Christianity rather than a secular pluralistic philosophy. At the very least this would take away the pro-homosexual forces to attack Christians as intolerant, hateful and offensive, because outside of an objective moral Lawgiver there is no absolute standard to judge what is moral or immoral.

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