mē genoito

May it never be! Let God be true, and every man a liar. As it is written: “So that you may be proved right when you speak and prevail when you judge.” (Ro 3:4)


The Evil Calvinist

No one wants to be a Calvinist. I would rather be a Christian that is: Radical, full-blooded, Bible-saturated, Christ-exalting, God-centered, mission-advancing, soul-winning, church-loving, holiness-pursing, sovereignty-savoring, grace-besotted, broken-hearted, happy followers of the omnipotent, crucified Christ. At least that’s our imperfect commitment. In other words, we are Calvinists. But that label is not nearly as useful as […]

Tiptoeing Through the TULIP: Irresistible Grace

Although the next letter in the acrostic after T should be U. It makes more systematic sense to skip to I for my next review on TULIP. The I in TULIP stand for irresistible grace. Just what is irresistible grace? Essentially irresistible grace has to do with how a person is regenerated. Regenerated in the […]

Tiptoeing Through the TULIP: Total Depravity

Isn’t that a clever title? I bet you’ve never heard that phrase before. You don’t have to worry about worn-out clich? in this blog. TULIP is an acrostic used to express a set of doctrines on salvation. The problem with mnemonic devices is often not a good representation of the underlying ideas. This is also […]

Calvin – is – ticked

Calvinistic, Calvinism and Calvinian by adding these suffix to a word, we’ve essentially institutionalizes the original word. (Does this remind you of anything?) Human beings have a tendency to reduce an entire system of thoughts to just one word. Sometimes that is good, but sometimes that is bad. It is good in the sense that […]