mē genoito

May it never be! Let God be true, and every man a liar. As it is written: “So that you may be proved right when you speak and prevail when you judge.” (Ro 3:4)

Emerging Church

McLaren Wants to be a Martyr but Whines Like a Crybaby

McLaren wrote an article on the Huffington Post, “Why Do Evangelicals Dislike Me So Much?”, supposedly in response to the SBTS forum. HT: Denny Burk McLaren asks why evangelicals dislike him so much? This is not just a question by McLaren, it is a statement that he desperately needs to be true and I will […]

Christianity vs. McLarenianity

In the last few years some Christians have been warning and denouncing the emergent movement as outside the pale of orthodoxy. Unfortunately, we’ve been criticized as alarmists, divisive and uncharitable. In the past false teachers like McLaren have been deliberately obtuse, obfuscatory, equivocal and pretentiously flowery in his language, during the beginning of the movement. […]

I Finally Understand What Jekyll Dan Meant

Pastor Kimball is a self proclaimed orthodox Christian with a loving and gentle heart to reach the unbelieving world. He is sometimes disheartened by the meanness of the so called “watchdog” Christians. I didn’t understand what Dan meant by “watchdog” type until now. I had always wondered if Dan was a bit hypocritical when he […]

Doug Pagitt Is Absolutely Right

HT: Ken Silva posted this on his blog. Doug Pagitt scolds John MacArthur. Pagitt writes, I think it might give you a more full understanding of the gospel than the one perverted by the likes of John MacArthur. I do not say “perverted” lightly, either. I really think what he communicates is so distant from […]

Jekyll Dan or Kimball Hyde?

The emerging church pastor Dan Kimball had been vociferous in attacking Christians accusing us of mischaracterizing the emerging churches. It is my sense that Kimball is attempting to silence the critics by marginalizing them as incredible, error prone and hateful. By doing so, no one would or should pay any attention to the critics of […]

Emerging Church and Jesus Christ

There is a pattern that I’ve notice with the emerging church. The leaders seems to have a problem of referring to our Lord, God, and Savior as Jesus Christ. I did a google on Dan Kimball’s Vintage Faith Church and his blog. I haven’t found one instance where Dan referred to our Lord as Jesus […]

Someone who actually visited emerging churches

Dan Kimball was so excited to have found someone to give emerging churches a favorable review. He sings nothing but praise about Bob Whitesel’s evaluation of emerging churches. On the other hand, he can’t help but to take a couple of jabs at his critics, which is unusual because emerging church leaders like Dan are […]

Listening To Dan Kimball’s Beliefs Of Emerging Churches

Dan Kimball is an emerging church pastor from Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz. In one of Dan’s recent post on his blog he corrects a stereotype on emerging churches. So, the “stereotype” which emphatically stated that emerging churches are rejecting historical doctrines and that most don’t teach doctrines isn’t a valid belief. Dan also […]

Postmodernism : First Contact

For us Star Trek fans, we all remember the Borg attack on Earth to prevent First Contact with Vulcans. But what most fans do not know is that Jean Luc Picard is quite a theologian. They might be surprise to know Picard actually spoke up against the Seeker and Emerging Churches. So with the best […]

Brian McLaren on the Homosexual Question

I am a bit late to comment on McLaren’s article in Leadership Journal on January 23 2006. I’ve only come across it recently while researching the Emerging church movement. Actually, I stumbled onto the debate as a result of his initial article on out of Ur. The subtitle of his article, How should pastors respond […]