mē genoito

May it never be! Let God be true, and every man a liar. As it is written: “So that you may be proved right when you speak and prevail when you judge.” (Ro 3:4)


X-Men and Gun Control

It is a well known fact that Hollywood have used movies to make political and societal commentaries. It is not always bad. However, it all too often leans toward the left. It has also become oxymoronic. Consider Hollywood’s portrayal of the X-Men series, where mutants are the noble and decent creature through evolution have gained […]

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Doctrinal View on Abortion

For Christians the issue of abortion is a passionate one. Abortion along with homosexuality is one of the first sins that Christians often trot out as examples of our deteriorating moral culture. Of more concern to me is the recent sentiment of Christians to make these issues more relevant in politics. I am not totally […]